The idea that every person seeks to find Womens Loneliness their soul mate is as old as the world. Even the ancient Greek philosopher Plato in the dialogue “Feast” told the following story: once we were a single whole – half a man, half a woman. Zeus became envious of human beings and divided them. , longing and languor arose . As soon as the two halves meet again, LovingFeel.com review love, friendship and trust arise between them, so that the man and woman no longer want to part. This beautiful story tells us that the purpose of our earthly journey is to find our soul mate.

The Missing Part of One Whole. – Womens Loneliness

However, finding the right life partner is not easy. For this reason, many women can experience and even suffer from feelings of loneliness for years. In this article, we would like to touch upon the issue of female loneliness and help women suffering from loneliness to reconsider their attitude to the status of a free woman, change the direction of thoughts in order to get rid of the oppressive state of hopelessness. Indeed, many will agree with the statement: how acutely we feel loneliness depends on our state of mind and, first of all, on our thoughts.

It is necessary to distinguish between the actual “loneliness” – the status of a free woman and the feeling of loneliness – the whole gamut of experiences that is inside us. The feeling of loneliness, and not the actual absence of a stamp in the passport, makes a woman vulnerable and vulnerable. This means that we feel alone when we focus our thoughts DateMyAge in this direction. An acute feeling of loneliness makes a woman vulnerable, insecure, susceptible to other people’s opinions and criticism. And despair and hopelessness are bad helpers in.

ABOUT WOMENS LONELINESS | Anastesiadatereview

Finding Relationships. – Womens Loneliness

In order for negative emotions not to affect well-being, decision-making and the quality of life, it is necessary to reconsider your attitude towards loneliness.

The fact of the absence or temporary absence of a man in a woman’s life should not affect her self-esteem. The fact that a woman has not yet met a worthy man does not diminish the value of her personality, does not make her less attractive, successful or feminine. Loneliness is not her fault, it is a combination of circumstances or a conscious choice.

It is necessary to realize and accept the fact of temporary loneliness, without falling into a “panic”. The feeling of acute loneliness and the despair associated with it affect the energy of a woman, how she communicates with men – potential gentlemen, how she presents herself. First of all, the self-esteem of a woman suffers, and a man, communicating with her, feels it perfectly. A woman literally suffering from loneliness evokes a feeling of pity. Men are attracted to happy and confident women.

ABOUT WOMENS LONELINESS | Anastesiadatereview

How to maintain peace of mind and not let the feeling of loneliness interfere with enjoying life?

  • Remind yourself more often of your own worth: as a caring mother, as an attentive daughter, as a versatile and interesting person, as an indispensable employee and specialist in YourLoveMeet.com her field, as an attractive woman.
  • Smile more. A smile can not only cheer up, but also charm a man!
  • Try to direct your thoughts in a positive direction. Waking up every morning, think about how many opportunities a new day brings! Perhaps today you will meet an interesting man or new chances will open up for you in the professional field. Be curious, meet each new day with a smile and head held high.
  • Don’t take other people’s questions or comments about your personal life personally. Talking about his relationship with his wife (then future wife), Steve Harvey writes in his book : this happy man. Indeed, it is important to be happy with a man, and not just to have a relationship , for status, visibility or “tick”.

Womens Loneliness

  • Diversify your own leisure time and pay more attention not to thoughts about the absence of Relationships, but to other aspects of life. The goal of any kind of activity (be it a hobby, playing sports or meeting friends) is to save you from constant thoughts about an unsettled personal life, teach you to enjoy a free life and make you understand a simple truth: the status of a free woman is not a sentence, it has its own Benefits. The most important thing is that a beautiful love story, a meeting with the only and long-awaited one is still ahead of you!
  • Pamper yourself. Do something good every day just for yourself! However, not to the detriment of your figure 😉
  • Think about your own strengths, not your weaknesses. In other words: remember your victories more often than your defeats.
  • And … keep looking for your man 🙂 Womens Loneliness Without fanaticism and exaggerated hopes, however, systematically and patiently. Perhaps with a small amount of excitement, but always with an interest in new acquaintances. Nowadays, there are a huge number of opportunities for dating. No need to wait for a coincidence or the mercy of fate, you can take your personal life “under control” yourself!

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Loneliness, unsettled personal life, the desire to find a reliable and loving man. All these are the reasons why many women register on. International dating sites in the hope of meeting a foreigner. However, we would like to point out that the decision to search for a man from abroad should be take not because of a momentary. Feeling of loneliness, hopelessness or despair. But if you are sure that you want to connect your life with a foreigner. Because the search for a foreign husband. Moving to another country and integrating into a new society require patience. Courage and confidence in the chosen path. These are not decisions that are made under. The influence of emotions or momentary mood.


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