Physical Appearance is Not Important. What Matters is Chemistry.

At that time I didn’t know Physical Appearance anything about taking care of myself or how to dress up, and I’m so grateful to have found a partner who accepts me for who I am. It was 2007.

During our relationship, I realized that nobody is perfect. I myself am not perfect.

I really love my partner, and that prompted me to start thinking about our future together. I’m trying to upgrade myself to be a better person for him.

But, our Relationship didn’t work out after 6 years. To be betrayed by someone I truly loved is still the most painful experience to this day.

However, I still do not regret having this relationship. I’m still grateful for our time together. He has taught me to respect myself and value life more.

I’m becoming a better person. For that, I’m very grateful.

Her Experience at Lunch Actually

After experiencing life’s lessons, I always try to put myself in the shoes of my clients. I really care about their feelings, because I know what it’s like to struggle in their lives.

One of my clients messaged me on Whatsapp asking about how she should dress and strike up a conversation on her first date. He was worried about his physical appearance.

After the consultation, follow-up and feedback, I’m very happy to see my client become more confident as she prepares herself for a date with the partner we selected from our database.

Physical Appearance is Not Important. What Matters is Chemistry.

He happily told me that his date lasted from 1 to 9 pm that day! And I also received compliments from both of them after their successful date. review They both really have found chemistry.

About Ado: Bachelor Degree in Public Relations | Dating Consultant at esync (a holistic dating service platform under Asia’s largest dating agency, Lunch Actually Group)

Lunch Actually Reviews by Clients to Ado – Physical Appearance

“Thank you for giving input on how I should dress when dating, as well as discussing what I should do when I date. After I did what you suggested, I finally got a partner who could accept my situation, and the most important thing was that my partner was of the same religion as me. I have gone on several dates but have always failed. This time, thanks to the advice given by esync, my dating went smoothly and successfully.”

“When viewed from a physical perspective, there may be some deficiencies in my partner. But I followed the advice given to do 2 or 3 more dates. It worked, I got the chemistry after the second and third dates. I have been introduced to his friends, and in the near future I will also be introduced to his parents. Maybe if I followed ego, I would not have gone so far, and I get this comfort DilMil from the partners I get on esync.”

Ado has played an important part in the success and marriage stories of many couples in Lunch Actually Indonesia, a premium dating agency that has arranged more than 90,000 dates in 6 major cities in Southeast Asia with an 85% client satisfaction rate.

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