Another fake ID on Anastasia

Guys this is really funny! – on this site- – go and search for ID 1914411 Ntaina from Cyprus 29 years old. Beautiful woman and a few pictures show her with a banner MRS. CYPRUS GLOBE. So I look in her profile and there it says ‘ never married ‘ . Then I said if she was never married how did she become a MRS??!!! Then I googled the Mrs Cypress Globe Pageant and lo and behold our girl was there as MRS. CYPRUS GLOBE 2017!! and her name is Diana Chemeris and she was born in Russia and came to Cyprus when she was young. She works as a model at the Cyprus Model Agency.The pictures from the pageant are practically all on the anastasia site under her profile. When you read the regulations for entering the contest it says you have to be married, divorced or separated. So she is probably divorced from a Greek guy because Chemeris is not a Russian name , sounds very Greek.
Then I contacted the Anastasia Help desk and they gave me the lame excuse that the Cypriots probably didn’t know the difference between Miss and Mrs. !! what total bull$#*! is that!! I told them Cyprus was a British Colony for over 60 years and English is the second language on the island!!. Besides the British still have 2 big Air Force bases there!! Anyway it shows how ‘thorough’ the verification team is on Anastasia!!. Any idiot can see that a non married woman cannot be a Mrs. Cyprus !!. One more proof that many of the identities on Anastasia are fake so watch out!!
As I said in my previous review 99% of those who are not live on-line are fake and you are talking to a ‘manager’ of her profile!!

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