Matchmaking Service in Singapore: Time-saver or Time-waster?

We totally think they’re time-saver, and here are 5 reasons why it’s worth investing in matchmaking services in Singapore!

Let’s be honest; we live busy lives.

From running late to the next meeting at the Lobby Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, to going back to the city to head a model photo shoot, and pacing back and forth the coffee shop for that extra energy, as well as replying emails during dinner, the list goes on… You’re so exhausted when you’re home and all you want is to embrace with someone after a long day at work. But if we’re not giving time to ourselves anymore, how would we even have time to look for a partner?

We are growing more interconnected to others, through social media and all the instant gratification that comes with it, but are we really connected to ourselves, and more importantly, are we able to connect that desire to meet someone else? It’s getting harder by the day when it comes to dating, but that’s also why matchmaking services and dating services have emerged to help singles find love (or at least, to expand their social circle). Although we have gone through significant social development, trying online Dating or joining a dating agency is received with mixed reactions. But is it worth the try?

Matchmaking Service in Singapore: Time-saver or Time-waster?

Here are 5 ways showing that is a true time-saver.

  1. You don’t have to go through awkward dates set up by your best friends

We love our friends and we know they have our best intention at heart, but imagine not knowing whom you’re about to have dinner with, and the date turned out to be really terrible. And it’s all because your friend sympathized review  with you and just want to find you a companion… It’s not just about “oh you’re single, and my friend is single, so you two must meet and date!”

Instead, give matchmaking services a try and you’ll have a peace of mind knowing you got professionals working to get your the best date, considering all your criteria and preferences. So, you can actually score a great date anywhere you are (even within the comfort of your home) and you just have to say yes! (you’ll make your bestie proud too). That brings you to the next benefit..

  1. You will have control of who you’re about to date. – Matchmaking Service in Singapore

That’s because you’ll provide your preferences to the respective services; from having them to be tall and thin, to their financial background etc. And then all you have to do is keep on going for the respective dates that they matched you with, to see if they’re fit for you or not (they’ll send you notifications when you’re successfully matched even while you’re at work, running errands, or resting at home, so that gives you time to prep up before date night).

  1. Be rest assured, that the dates will be safe. – Matchmaking Service in Singapore

This one’s (usually) for the ladies, because you don’t want your mum to start questioning why you’re out with the guy that the daughter never talked about. We all know how overprotective our parents can become, SharekAlmore so with the effort matchmakers put into background checking the person so it’s safe to date them, security would be guaranteed. Of course, one should still be fully aware of their surroundings and meet at public places.

Matchmaking Service in Singapore: Time-saver or Time-waster?

  1. You meet different people and you’ll be able to be more firm of what you want in life.

The matchmaking services will tend to your needs, and they will try to be as much as possible. Fitting, based on your criteria. You could be match with people. Whom you may not have expected, and it could not only widen your. But it could also bring you closer to whom you’re actually looking for to be your partner for life.

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  1. You’ll meet not only someone whom you can ‘click’ with, but also people whom you can collaborate with for work.

Sure, the person you meet may have everything you’d dream for in a guy. But there’s just something that wouldn’t allow for a romantic relationship to emerge (and that’s totally ok, cos chemistry can’t be planned). But, you can still see the opportunity to work together instead or just to make a new friend! And that’s still equally amazing, since not everyone’s going to be your cup of tea. And vice versa, so you’ll probably meet an air stewardess who’d be willing to take you around town. The next time you want to visit . That’s a win-win.

So, whether matchmaking services and dating. Agencies are a time-saver or a time-waster, you’ll never know if you never try them. It may just be the perfect solution to your needs to find your soulmate when you least expect it.

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