Contemporary Challenges for Relationships

Today I am going to share with you the Challenges for Relationships we have to face today. In the 60-70s, one of the main reasons for starting a family were economic reasons, the desire to move out of the house, and to start a family. I mean absolutely not that there was once no love, absolutely not. It’s just about some kind of intention – the next step, starting a family. We are currently looking for DilMil fulfillment, the realization of a vision of life, our plans, a sense of being happy.

I listen with great interest to my mentors who have 30-40 years of experience in the field of relationships / working with people and the last 20 years have brought completely different issues. Today, despite the fact that many times we have much less time to cultivate the bond, we have much higher expectations – those from the level of the deepest values.

Professional self-fulfillment in the first place – Challenges for Relationships

Currently, women more than ever are professionally fulfilled, independent, resourceful, fulfilled, but also often overloaded, tired, frustrated with functioning in male energy (energy of action, effectiveness decisions.) Relationships experience enormous challenges when the natural flow of female and male energy is disturbed and we must learn to manage this energy simply by wanting a happy relationship. For the sake of clarity, development, professional fulfillment is absolutely wonderful and I myself am a professionally fulfilling woman.

But there are 2 poles in this area – women who want to learn independence, financial energy management and professionally strong women who are tired of being the strong one, the always resourceful one, and want more female energy in their lives. In both cases it is worth understanding how to manage your female – male energy. This is a challenge that in the 60s and 70s was not present, our grandparents, often parents did not have to deal with such a challenge.

Inability to build relationships

Building relationships after divorce, not knowing how to deal with conflicts and crisis, difficult experiences from the past – you may think our grandparents managed somehow, without special education, it came naturally to them. It’s just that most of our grandparents (I’m talking about statistics) were in one marriage all their lives. Nowadays, on average, we are 2-4 long-term relationships (the vast majority of us experience a divorce / or breakup comparable to divorce).

Contemporary Challenges for Relationships Anastesia 2022

Online Dating – Challenges for Relationships

A completely new trend, it has many advantages, gives a lot of possibilities. But it is also a place where fears are activated, where you can meet many people. Who have fear of commitment – hence the extended time to meet live. It can also build relationships and habits with people you don’t fully know.

Patterns of love – Challenges for Relationships

Movies, social media – most of us have models of either a romantic beginning, or conflicts, divorces, and betrayals. Sure, a movie, a series about a relationship where there are no drastic events, will have a negligible viewership. But our subconscious is saturated with such images, and often. One of the main problems after many years is the feeling of weariness. Boredom, because there are no easily available healthy relationship patterns. With long-term relationships, and not everyone decides to consciously develop and work on deepening. The relationship (workshops, seminars). , workshops, books, therapy or coaching). Because a myth often lingers, it cannot be learned! It is possible.    It is not learning to resolve conflicts, but for a change of concern for the “project” 🙂 long-term.

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Which challenge is for you?

Look at the area of ​​your personal life through the prism of the above calls and think. What could be the 1st step in strengthening your present relationship or building. It for the future? Choose only 1 area to start with.

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