30 Mistakes Worth Making in Relationships

There are different theories as to Making in Relationships when accounts come out, but most seem to be written after poor quality pot. Apparently what matters is sex, friendship or a life in which Jesus is not ashamed, but I noticed otherwise. It’s the mistakes you make in your previous relationship (or relationships) that make it possible for you to create a lasting relationship.

Without them, you feel in the dark, you don’t know what you want, you don’t understand someone’s needs, and you don’t know when it’s worth trying harder and when you have to let go. It is the mistakes made in the relationship and the conclusions drawn from them that make patterns appear SharekAlomre in the set of cases, and the answers to the questions come to mind: “Why didn’t it work?” and “What to do to make it different next time?” I believe that the testing stage is crucial for building future relationships and cannot be omitted.

The problem is, we live in a culture where you would rather have brain cancer than go wrong . Mistakes made in relationships are time-consuming and painful, but they are far too rarely said to be needed as well – they only let you know what a stupid idea is and what to expect from the other person.

Therefore, I Believe That Everyone, Regardless of Gender, Should:

1. Hear several times that someone does not want to be with us.

And thus understand that there is a stage in the relationship in which the words “It will not work” have much more to do with personality than with beauty or money (as you might judge from the covers of popular magazines).

2. Don’t answer someone’s phone.

Don’t come on a second date. Say, “I’m not ready / ready to bind myself.” Generally give a dozen times the trash. Not for the sake of principle, but to know what these people were missing.

3. Meet your potential ideal.

Then, because of your indecision, fear or excuses, fail to take this chance. Nothing else will give you such deep awareness that you will not regain a missed opportunity and it will go to someone else.

4. Be with the person who is expecting a relationship, marriage, and children.

As soon as possible. No matter who. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ticking biological clock, fear of loneliness or mental disorders. Okay, the last one is important, because you can be dismembered and buried in a shallow grave under the pretext of having fun.

5. To be with a person who doesn’t want to get involved, and the word “future” makes him jump like a burn.

6. Try to change someone and see if it is possible.

It’s really worth trying. Seriously. I am not laughing at all as I write this (well, maybe a little).

7. Try to make ex love again .

It will often make you realize that this path to happiness has long been overgrown with bushes.

8. Try a long distance relationship against everything and everyone.

Learn that without a plan for the future, this relationship will only be distant.

30 Mistakes Worth Making in Relationships Dating 2022

9. Think, “We are different.”

Then realize that maybe everyone is an original snowflake, SharekAlomre.com but is still a snowflake and is subject to the same rules as the rest of the world.

10. Say to yourself: “It’s forever” …

… and to my amazement to say that “always” is not a very accurate synonym for fourteen months.

11. Be with someone with low self esteem.

Let him control you, test you, and try to lock you in a golden cage. It will teach you never to act like this.

12. Focus only on someone.

Forget about your needs and turn into a domestic hen or a servant.

13. Try to bribe someone outside your league with love, money, time, sex, being nice.

Finally see that if someone doesn’t want you, you won’t change it. It will turn you into a beggar , and beggars are never attractive. You can only become a different person, but that’s another story altogether.

14. Be with a person who wants to save himself, motivate to develop or at least show him the better side of life.

Keep doing this until you notice that you cannot fly yourself.

15. Think for months whether to stay in a relationship or give it up.

At the same time, irretrievably wasting this time, because you are neither happy about the relationship, nor do you have any other relationship.

16. To live a double life so as not to hurt someone by breaking up.

To hurt him this way even more.

17. To have everything in common.

Know each other’s passwords and have the same friends, and later understand that, however, everyone also needs their own space.

Not because you have something to hide, but because you are human and the other person really doesn’t need to know when you are taking laxatives.

18. Romance or flirt with a busy person.

This will teach you the reasons people cheat (and why he won’t leave his wife).

19. To be with someone only because of his sobs and suicidal thoughts.

Keep doing this until you realize that the person is more selfish than you, wanting to leave him or her.

20. Disgust.

Live alone longer than ever before, because without it:
Don’t know if you can live alone;
Do not know who you are, because by constantly getting into new relationships, you see yourself through the prism of the person you are currently with;
– you are not checking who you really can afford. Can you afford being with someone you thought was outside your league?

21. Be positively disappointed with someone, instead of crossing them out in the first fifteen seconds.

Everyone knows that it is worth crossing someone off only after half a minute.

22. Listen to someone else’s advice and spoil your good relationship.

This will teach you to handle personal matters according to their name – personally.

23. Be an emotional tampon for someone and listen to the litany of someone’s problems every day.

It will teach you how exhausting it is to be constantly supportive of someone, and that despite the importance of feeling secure in relationships, you still have to deal with a significant part of your problems on your own.

24. Understand that breakups always hurt.

A “gentle parting” is like a “gentle cut with a guillotine” and a bitter pill is easier to swallow at once than to do it piece by piece for months.

25. Learn to distinguish between what is the fault of a particular person and what will be dealt with in each relationship.

26. Understand that some (with special emphasis on the word “some”) relationships fail without our fault.

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Instead of dwelling on them, it’s better to go to a party.

27. Understand that if someone loves, he does not always wait.

It’s a myth.

28. Check if the male-female friendship exists.

Having enough self-awareness to say that in the vast majority of cases not .

29. Learn to recognize the characteristics of mature people.

Thanks to this, you will find out with whom you have a chance for a great relationship and with whom life will resemble a visit to a medieval torture chamber

30. Understand that there is no point in regretting your mistakes, because then you lacked the knowledge to do otherwise.

The important thing is to choose better the next time , rather than being put off by the fact that you choose the wrong one now.

Bonus point: Check for yourself that this list includes all the mistakes that are worth making in a relationship.

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